#5 - Worship, Culture, and Vineyard Kenya

August 24, 2018

Episode five of The Vineyardists was recorded live in Nukuru, Kenya, a beautiful city in eastern Africa! Minus Doug Erickson and Thomas Lyons, Luke Geraty had a chance to sit down with Edgar King, a Kenyan Vineyard leader. Luke had the honor of being the guest speaker for the Kenyan Vineyard National Conference, so they figured they could sit down and record an episode for The Vineyardists. on this episode, Luke and Edgar discussed the history of the Vineyard in Kenya, Edgar's story of leading within the Vineyard, and topics related to worship, culture, and church! 


Gia and David Downs, Noah Gitau, Rhoda Abwao, Adam and Melody Mosley, and Jeremy Cook. 


Edgar King is the senior pastor of Trinty Vineyard in Nakuru, Kenya. Having served the Vineyard movement in Kenya as the national worship coordinator, Edgar currently is on the national executive team for the Kenyan Association of Vineyard Churches. Check out Edgar's blog and follow him on Instagram and Facebook


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